Automation Engine

Transaction Automation

Automate your smart contract in minutes.

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Create multi-step automations with on and off-chain data in minutes.

Easily create complex automations by connecting web3’s most popular apps and using off-the-shelf, plug-and-play automation modules or build fully customizable transaction flow from scratch. Code or no-code, Supercool meets you wherever you are.

Advanced monitoring

Receive custom alerts on-demand with 24/7 monitoring.

Connect on and off-chain data

Execution transactions based on off-chain API calls, on-chain events and conditions, or any custom logic.

Flexible Payments

Supercool supports gas funding with fiat payments and a variety of ERC-20 tokens.

Use Cases

Supercool automation solution can be used in a wide range of applications as:
Rule-based NFT drops
Bots building
Time-base payouts
NFT limit orders
Update an on-chain oracle with external data
Auto-funding treasury wallets