Account Abstraction

Paymaster & Relayer

Give your users seamless onboarding and frictionless UX with maximally reliable ERC-4337 and meta-transaction infrastructure.

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Enable gasless transactions.

Supercool provides a fully managed paymaster and relayer service for your dapps so you can remove friction, drive growth and make web3 onboarding actually easy.

Subsidize transactions
Sponsor transactions for ERC-4337 wallets
Sponsor meta-transactions for users with no smart-contract wallet
Batch transactions
ERC20 gas payments


Supercool’s relayer manages nonces and adjusts and retries transactions so you don’t need to worry about fluctuating gas prices or nonce management.

Flexible Payments

Users can pay with ERC-20, fiat, or cross-chain currencies.

Seamless UX

Bundle multiple transactions in a session so users don’t need to constantly get interrupted to sign messages.


Supercool works on any EVM-compatible chain and allows cross-chain bridging.


Supercool handles account secret key storage.


Supercool provides Web3 UX modules for you to plug, stack, and customize like lego blocks.

Use Cases

Supercool relayers can be used in a wide range of applications as:
Gasless NFT minting
Batch transactions for seamless gameplay
Cross-chain reward distribution
NFT checkout that accepts fiat and other ERC-20 tokens
Cross-chain asset bridging
Gasless Web3 social network experience