Gasless transactions for better UX.

The relayer lets users interact with your dapp or NFT collection without holding crypto, or it allows them to pay for transactions with credit card or ERC-20 tokens.

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How it works


Supercool’s relayer adjusts and retries transactions so you don’t need to worry about fluctuating gas prices.

Flexible Payments

Users can pay with ERC-20, fiat, or cross-chain currencies.

Seamless UX

Bundle multiple transactions in a session so users don’t need to constantly get interrupted to sign messages.


Supercool works on any EVM-compatible chain and allows cross-chain bridging.

Relayer Use Cases

NFT limit orders
Seamless gameplay without constant interruptions for transaction requests
Cross-chain reward distribution
On-chain transactions based on off-chain user interactions
Gasless minting of NFTs
ERC-4337 paymasters to give users' wallets flexible ways to issue transactions


Free (Beta)


Get Access
5 relayers up to 120 TXs/hour
1 paymaster
Developer support
Enterprise (Beta)


Starting at $1,000/mo
Get Access
50 relayers up to 5,000 TXs/hour
15 paymasters
24/7 dedicated developer support
Basic plan


Upgrade as you scale
Get started
Basic analytics
Up to 3 cards
One account
Basic chat and email support
Premium plan


$90/year (Get 2 months free!)
Get started
Access to all basic features
Advanced analytics
Unlimited cards
Unlimited accounts
Priority chat support
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