Tokenization made simple.

Tokenize and manage any asset in minutes.

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Powerful token management for all asset types.

Securely manage the full token lifecycle for minting, burning, and token transfer programmatically. From stable coins to carbon credits, get all the benefits of digital assets with none of the hassle.

Advanced monitoring

Receive custom alerts on-demand with 24/7 monitoring.

Robust developer APIs

Secure REST API for automation and token issuance.


Tokenization and token management on any EVM-compatible chain (Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, …)

Use Cases

Stable coins

Tokenization of fiat currencies backed 1:1 with deposits.
Tokenization of alternative assets

Tokenization of gold and other metals, carbon credits, etc...
Equity securities

Tokenization of shares for annual dividend.
Debt securities

Tokenization of corporate debt.