Smart Wallets

Instant smart web3 wallets for your users.

Supercool makes it easy for developers to give their users passwordless, non-custodial, smart wallets using account abstraction / ERC-4337.

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The smartest wallet in the room.

Supercharge UX and build powerful web3 applications that are only possible with account abstraction (AA).

Sponsor gasless transactions
Let users pay gas in any ERC20 tokens
Batch multiple transactions into one
Set pre-conditions for transactions
Implement arbitrary wallet execution logic

Seamless onboarding experience for every user.

Instantly onboard your users with social logins or existing wallets.

No downloads. No passwords. No seed phrases.

Fully programmable wallets for limitless applications.

NFT lending apps

Auto-executable lending rules that eliminate risk of fraud.

Team wallets for DAOs

Custom wallet spending controls.

Web3 games

Batched transactions that turn multiple signatures into one.

And infinite other applications limited only by your imagination...


Integrated (Beta)


per monthly active users (MAUs) up to 5,000 MAUs

Free for up to 500 MAUs
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Passwordless onboarding
Unlimited transaction logic rules
Unlimited project creation
Full user profile dashboard access
Developer support
Enterprise (Beta)


Best for 5,000+ MAUs
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Tailored integration development
Custom branding / white-label options
White glove onboarding
Priority developer support
NFT strategy consulting
Basic plan


Upgrade as you scale
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Basic analytics
Up to 3 cards
One account
Basic chat and email support
Premium plan


$90/year (Get 2 months free!)
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Access to all basic features
Advanced analytics
Unlimited cards
Unlimited accounts
Priority chat support
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